Germantown Crier, Spring 2021

Germantown Crier Spring 2021
[dflip id=”10131″ ][/dflip] Special focus edition of the Crier featuring multiple articles on 19th and early 20th century African American businessman and philanthropist, John S. Trower

In Celebration of John S. Trower, His Legacy, And Achievements
The Estate of John S. Trower (1849-1911), Caterer and Restauranteur of Germantown by Oscar Beisert
John S. Trower and His Legacy as Discussed in Booker T. Washington’s The Negro in Business by Supreme Dow
John S. Trower and His Catering Business by Stacey Swigart
In Memoriam: Eugene Glenn Stackhouse, A Man for All Seasons by Dianne Tzouras
Black Writers Museum by Supreme Dow

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